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About us Producers of high quality apples and kiwis

Our orchards are small compared with those of the multinational companies. This allows us to take great care of each of our individual trees, and collect the fruit one by one at the optimum moment of ripeness, in this way ensuring the quality of the entire harvest in a way that the large producers cannot.

To meet the strong demand, we also import apples from France, Germany and the Netherlands, in collaboration with producers working with the same quality standards as us. We therefore produce local apples and kiwis, and distribute local and foreign apples.

We are now going to offer the possibility of purchasing our product directly, to both greengrocers and also individual consumers. Straight from the orchard, in our store in Añorga Txiki.

That’s why we call ourselves Lurrarte: “Between different lands”. Because we live between the farmhouse and our customers.

Origins Fruit from the roots

We come from traditional farmhouses: Antton Olaizola from the farmhouse of Unanue-Zar, one of the oldest in San Sebastián; Inaxio Artola from Azkoitia, from the Santakutz farmhouse. We started working together in the production of fruit, professionally and on a full-time basis, in 1989.

Our families had been working the land forever. Based on the knowledge we acquired working at home and our determination to always continue improving, we have created Lurrarte.

We also collaborate with the following local producers: Aramburu farm (Azkoitia), Olatxo farm (Martutene-San Sebastian), Mirubia farm (Aizarnazabal) and Sasikoa farm (Zarautz).